Cooking with the kids is a family operation, and it is very fun and exciting. If the child were, the mother teaches cooking from an early age, and the child will develop healthy habits while growing up. Moreover, children will love their meals, eat more, and avoid the risk of anorexia and malnutrition for children who lack substance. Let children participate in food preparations. From which, children appreciate the food, and you have to teach children how to take part in housework. Although cooking may create challenging and dangerous for children. However, the majority of mothers have shared that they enjoy seeing children prepare food themselves. And kids are excited and loved more than what they make it themselves.

The family preparing lunch together

You should remember that the cooking has many dangers for children. Therefore, adults had to follow children during the kitchen, especially those activities related to the sharp objects, heat, and water.

The article will offer hints and tips for parents when the child with you to the kitchen. The child will learn to cook safe, fun, and memories. Your kids will develop healthy habits thanks to the cooking.

How to Cooking with Children 2-3 Years Old

At this age, babies love exploring food through sight, touch, smell, hear and taste. They often prefer to work alone. Mother try to help kids do small things like:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables in tap water.
  • Try Decorate plate. For example, meat dish is decorated with slices of tomato or herbs.
  • Smelling the food and vegetables when you’re cooking.
  • Looking vegetables, fruits or spices in the refrigerator in the kitchen cabinets. Baby will help you find them, and you’ll save time

Mothers always pay attention to your child while you are cooking. The young always feel exciting, hyperactive when looking you cook. So, you always tell children that you are doing what the cooking stage. You can give her a pot and spoon and let your baby play with them. You let her know what you are doing with things like: “I’m boiling vegetables for us!”, “I’ve put meat the pot!”. And do not forget to put your baby questions like “what are you doing? ” Are you cook something? ” Do you could smell a scent? “.

How to Cooking with Children 3-4 Years Old

At this age, babies are often more interested in talking than eating. The cooking will help kids more interested in food. Mother let the baby do the following:

  • Self-shelling eggs.
  • Pouring the liquid into the measuring cup.
  • Making a simple sandwich with ingredients available.
  • Describing the shape, color, and taste of the food.
  • Grinding butter, strawberry or banana to the blender.

How to Cooking with Children 4-6 Years Old

The cooking with children

At this age, many babies show signs of anorexia markedly. Baby can not refuse to eat the food that her mother prepared. However, parents should be patient because the cooking as a great motivation for the baby, and the baby will want to try out new recipes. The mother should allow the baby to do the following:

  • Combining and blending all kinds of food together. For example, combining the nuts and fruits to eat with yogurt.
  • Using the plastic spoon to eat.
  • Beat the eggs to make egg rolls.
  • Cooking with relatives or friends. This will create a cozy and friendly family atmosphere.
  • And children can learn how to cook from close his / her.

How to Cooking with Children 6-8 Years Old

At this age, she can cook according to simple recipes in cookbooks. Mother let him do the following:

Using the simplest of kitchen appliances such as toaster, blender, can opener. You must instruct your child how to use all kinds of essential kitchen tool. This, you should read reviews of all kitchen equipment (as crock pot reviews) to have a basic understanding of the function of each device.

  • Making a simple rolling salad. At this age, your baby can completely DIY simple salad.
  • Salad with olive oil and combine the vegetables together.
  • Making a piece of fruit or a simple smoothie dishes.
  • Write a list of healthy snacks.
  • A list of foods to buy to go shopping yourself.
  • Making a simple dessert: yogurt with fruit, toast peanuts.

How to Cooking with Children 8-11 Years Old

Children at this age, they already know how to use the kitchen appliances properly. Mother try to allow children to do the following:

  • Preparing yourself lunch at school.
  • Preparing a fruit bag before leaving home.
  • Self-deciding on what dishes need to balance the meal.

Some of The General Rules about Keeping Children Safe While in The Kitchen

The cooking with kids

For younger children, the kitchen is the place contains many interesting things, but also full of danger. Be clear to your child about the things children are allowed to use and not. All the kitchen equipment, it needs some knowledge to use reasonable and safe.

  • Never let children or sitting on the floor when you’re cooking
  • Keeping kitchen appliances out of reach of children and do not let in the rim, to the device mismatch in the child’s age.
  • Hold the handle of the kitchen pans out of reach of children. This is dangerous if the child touches a hot pan.
  • Keep children away from the kitchen area in case you must rush to prepare food.

The mother saw it! Cooking with Children not hard right? With the note, a mother can help kids avoid a loss of appetite as well as prevent other threats. The parents take note of the above simple tips to apply tonight when cooking with your baby!