Summer time is the best occasion for the family to do activities together to cement the relationship between family members. There are countless of activities you can choose from: going on a picnic, biking together, playing sports… among all of these, BBQ party is one of the most favorites of children. They love BBQ not only because of the food but also because grilling makes them curious and want to try. If possible, you can show your kids some basic things about grilling and work with a grill to make them love cooking and even more than that.

Guide your kids how to grill

However, because of the risks from the heat and the equipment, you should be careful when showing your kids how to grill. This guide will help you to know some essential things before letting your children take part in this interesting activity.

Choose The Right Type Of Grill For The BBQ Party

In summer, it’s not difficult at all to find and purchase a grill for your outdoor BBQ party. In fact, there are so many types of the grill with various types of shape, size, color and function based on the price ranges. If you are not a person who care much about the products and just need to use the grill for several times, it would not be a problem, but we are talking about the grilling party with the participant of your kids. That’s why choosing the grill is becoming more and more difficult.

So as to select the right product, there are some certain things you should do, such as:

  • Select type of fuel used for your grill. Charcoal brings the best flavor as well as smoking technique, but they are quite difficult to instruct your kids controlling the heat. So it would be better if you can buy a gas grill.
  • Look for some gas grills reviews to see the trending as well as the functions before purchasing.
  • Make sure the grill is safe enough and come with safety guarantee so that your children can learn how to grill safely.

Grilling at weekends

Grill Tutorial

Before letting your children touch the grill and do the actual grilling, it’s really necessary to give them a quick tutorial about the grill and how to do it. Children are very curious about cooking, so if you don’t explain something to them, it might be quite dangerous since they won’t know what to do.

First things first, you should introduce the grill to the kids while it’s still turned off. They should be instructed about the parts of the grill and how it grills the food. Besides, safety codes when using the grill should be mentioned as well. You should be the one who does all the actions so that they can be directly and get the ideas quicker. You should show them how to:

  • Deal with fire when it burns their clothes: stop what you do, drop yourself to the ground and start rolling. It’s an effective technique to quickly remove the fire about you when the clothes are burnt by the fire from the grill. It could save your life in some cases.
  • Heating: You should control the heat slowly by using the gas wisely. The kids might panic first time doing this because they don’t remember how to control the gas, so you should be the one who guides them step by step.
  • Prepare the food: it’s not all about controlling the grill; it’s also the way you prepare the raw grilling ingredients that make a good grilled dish. Meat is the main ingredient for most grilling dishes, but it doesn’t mean vegetables aren’t the essential part of grilled cuisines. With different cooking styles, we also have a distinctive set of spices and seasoning. It’s a good way for your kids to be good at knowing types of ingredients as well.

Avoiding Risks From The Grill

Most of the time, children are burnt by the heat of the grill because of their parents’ lack of attention. It would less likely to happen if your kids know how to handle the BBQ itself after a short tutorial mentioned above.

Grilling for kids

Another thing that might harm your kids is the grill itself. Basically, most of the models are made with sharp edges that can easily cut through the skin or the clothes of children when they try to grill the food. Therefore if you want to give your kids a try with the griller, make sure you can show them the risk and remind them to avoid those edges as much as possible. If possible, you should cover those sharp edges with something soft.

Make Some Safety And Danger Zones

Most kids are very energetic and naughty. They are not aware of the risk until they get hurt. That’s the reason why this is a big problem for parents when hosting outdoor cooking parties. The kids might be out of control when they play together. So why don’t you create a safe zone and a danger zone for them?

It’s really easy with the help of chalk. All you need to do is draw a circle around the grill and call that “the danger zone”. In fact, this method is surprisingly effective since the kids seem to understand that as an area which is very unsafe to explore unless they have the acceptance and guidance from parents.

Help Your Kids Grilling

Of course, you are the one who has to cook the food mainly, but letting your kids help you not only in preparing ingredients but also grill the simple ones themselves is the way to make them fall in love with cooking. In fact, cooking is a good way to develop children’s social and managing skills since they can learn how to take care of themselves faster.

If you are looking for something to guide your kids how to grill, here are some suggestions:

  • Onion and Pineapple Rings
  • Sliders
  • Small steaks
  • Shish – kabobs
  • Breads

Have fun with your kids and have a good weekend grilling!