For such a long time ago, mothers have known about plenty types of vegetable and fruit, which is good and which contains lots of vitamin and mineral. They consider vegetables as vital part of their children’s diets. However, do you think that meat should be put into consideration, too? And how much do you know about them?

The fact is that many parents don’t care much about this type of food and think that they are the same. However, not only different types of meat have differences between nutrition components but also in a single meat source such as pork, it happens, too. Different parts of a pig, for example, a shoulder, bottom, belly, sides, legs… can be divided into many types with different prices and of course, different quality in nutritious.

Types of meat

So in this article, according to my estimation and experiences, I will show you the list of meat that you should cook for your kids according to meat quality and nutrition components.

Common Types of Meat and Their Value

  1. Beef (3/5)

Red meat such as pork and beef is well – known by containing very high amount of iron and folate which are good for children health. Beef is one of the easiest types of meat for new born babies to digest. However, not any beef loaf is the same. Beef is divided according to the meat layers as well as the fat inside the meat. The beef steak that contains fatter is considered tender. The tenderness of beef is very important when choosing this type of meat.

Normally when choosing beef to cook for your children, you should choose parts with a high percentage of meat, about 80% or more, and the rest is fat. To know more about the quality of the beef steak, you can observe the color of steak. With those that are brighter in color with a fat string running on the surface, they would be fatter steaks. On the other hand, beef steaks with dark color would have less fat than usual.

Beef steak

Parts that contain the highest amount of fat are Short loin, brisket, … The most suitable one for children is fillet part. It is tender enough without having too many fat strings.

  1. Chicken (3/5)

With mothers, poultry meat is often the first type food cooked for children learning to eat solid foods. Moreover, chicken is used more often than others because it contains less fat than red meat. However, you should take some notes when choosing chicken:

  • Parts of a chicken: Each part of the chicken contains different amount of calories and fats. Normally, white parts such as breast fillet or thigh often have fewer fats and calories. In contrast, brown parts like leg quarter or whole leg are often chosen because they are rich in nutrition and proteins which are very good for children.
  • Color: Each part of a chicken has its own pros and cons. White chicken parts are lean and less in cholesterol in comparison with brown parts. However, brown chicken parts are rich in vitamin B, iron, fats, and calories. When buying chicken, you can choose the leg parts in order to replace beef in a meal without losing the amount of energy.
  • Chicken skin: Many people say that chicken skin is not good for small kids. However, chicken skin is harmless for children more than 1 years old. However, when cooking, fats inside chicken skin will be drawn out completely and become useless in providing nutritious or calories. So the best way is removing the skin before using any cooking methods.

The best part according to nutrition quality and calories is the leg part with skin, and the worst part is breast without skin.

  1. Pork (4/5)

Similar to beef and chicken, pork can be divided into parts according to the calories amount and fats. The leanest part of a pig is the porterhouse steak, but other parts from the sirloin are considerable, too. They are all lean and easy to consume, especially for kids learning to eat solid foods. You shouldn’t cook some parts for your kids such as the short ribs though this part can be cooked into many delicious dishes since your kids can’t consume them yet.

Slices of pork

Sirloin parts are rich in vitamin B which is good for children losing their appetites. This type of food will help them regain their craving for foods in no time. In addition, this part of the pig can be used as the main source of phosphorus, vitamin B12, high protein and less in fats. Even when comparing to beef and chicken, the amount of vitamin B in sirloin steak is still the highest of all.

  1. Fish (5/5)

Fish is a type of seafood that considered an excellent protein food above all. Not only rich in proteins, fish also has lots of omegala – 3 which is vital for the brain, heart and eyes development of children. That’s the reason why this type of meat is called “food for the brain”. Types of fish such as salmon, black carp, catfish would be considerable suggestions for protein supplement for weaning kids since these types of fish is rich in protein with fewer bones and easy to consume.

However, you should not let your kids eat too much deep sea fish such as tuna, mackerel since their meat contain a high amount of organic arsenic.


These are some suggestions about the list of meat for parents who want to know more about this type of food and build up a suitable diet for their kids. For more information, please take a look at my blog about diets for children. I can be sure that you might find some helpful tips and tricks for getting your kids eating well and how to guarantee adequate amount of calories and energy for your children. That’s all for today. Remember to cook well for your kids if you want them to develop well and have a healthy body.