Taking care of a child is not easy at all, especially with parents who haven’t got any experiences before. It would be such a disaster if your children can’t be provided with essential types of nutrition such as protein, fat, vitamin, mineral, and fiber. Lacking well – balanced meal would result in harmful health problems such as exhaustion, reduced concentration and other physical and mental health weaknesses. That might be such an obstacle for your children to keep up with others at the same age and develop their own skills and talents. In some cases, it might affect the parents as well because of depression.

With the development of our society, fast foods have gained popularity among young generations because of the benefits these types of food bring to our lives, however, it is such a loss for children since fast food can’t provide enough vital nutritious for them. Energy is not enough; they need more than that. That’s the reason why fast food is one of the most crucial reasons leading to the unhealthy weight of kids in modern countries.

Therefore, using healthy food to create healthy diets so as to create favorable conditions for your kid to develop well as well as maintain their fit and general weight. A food list would be needed in order to make foods changeable and easier to consume.

Food & Nutrition

Basically, healthy food doesn’t contain a high amount of fats, so that they would be ideal to lose weight for your kids and keep them at an acceptable number. Eating meals constructed from these foods can guarantee adequate development as well as better physical and mental conditions. Below are some of my favorite types of food on the healthy list that you might concern:

Taking Your Healthy List for Children

  1. Milk Products

Milk is considered one of the best gift from nature. It contains more than we need to be healthy, that’s why this is the must – drink of kids if you want your children to be strong and develop well. There have been so many researches about the components of milk and how it supports our body. The truth is in milk, there are so many minerals that can satisfy our requirements including calcium, potassium, and zinc. The amount of minerals inside milk is various according to the source of it, but if we know how to use it effectively, it would not be a serious problem.

On a daily basis, a kid should drink at least 2 glasses of milk to achieve the average amount of nutritious through this type of food. In order to strengthen the bones as well as prevent eye problems, you should have your children drink at least 3 glasses of milk daily.

In addition, other products from milk are very good, too. Yogurt is one of them with the ability to protect and enhancing the work of the digest system. Natural yogurt is loaded with good bacteria. Consuming at least one cup of self – made yogurt can guarantee a healthy digest system without worrying about problems when eating other foods.

Milk products

Mentioning about milk products, we should know forget to talk about cheese and dairy. However, consuming these types of milk product should be put under control because of the amount of fact contain inside them. The calcium inside cheese and dairy are plenty so that you can include them in dishes to provide enough of this mineral for your kid’s bones and teeth.

  1. Seafood

Seafood in the gift from the sea, and it worths putting in the list of the healthiest food for your children. Many people think that seafood can’t be one of the main food in meals, but it is not true at all. Seafood in considered as a rich source of proteins and healthy fat. The oil inside fish and other types of seafood can’t be replaced by any other foods on land. It contains very high amount of omega -3 and omega – 6 which are the best components in constructing the natural defense system and intelligent of human, especially kids and teenagers who have to use their physical and mental strength more than adults.


Preparing seafood might be such a task of a challenge to many of us, but the nutritious you can get is way more than that. In fact, the amount of calcium and zinc and some vitamins inside seafood such as fishes, lobsters and crabs can be enormous in comparison with other types of food with the same quantity. Therefore, never think that it would be quite expensive cooking lunch or dinner with seafood and still can’t provide a full of nutrition meal. Everything you need is just a proper amount of fresh seafood combining with vegetables to replace the boring red meat. Sushi might be a good idea without having to cook too much. In fact, every kid love sushi!

  1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in proteins. Eating this type of food can surely provide your kids enough energy for a long day. It creates strong muscles as well as a healthy hair. There are plenty of cooking methods that can apply to eggs such as boiling, roasting, baking (making cakes) … so that your children will never feed up with this magical food.

However, eggs also contain a high amount of cholesterol, and I have to say that this is not good for your kids at all. That’s why you can only allow your kids to have up to 3 eggs weekly on any forms. You can use eggs in any meals because this is a healthy type of food and combine well with other foods such as vegetables, meats, and cheese.

In Short

They are my favorite types of healthy food on my list, you might have known about them, but do you know all the recipes and all the cooking methods to work with them? If not, please visit my website about children diet and organic food for more information. I believe you can find the best recipes here so as to boost the health of your family up, especially your children.