Some people believe that fruits can replace our everyday food if you want a healthy body and get fit. Though the fruit is one of the most common and healthy types of food since it provides a large amount of vitamin, mineral, and natural sugar, you still can’t rely on it and hope that it can replace other foods in building a healthy body and preventing diseases.

However, according to researchers, children need to eat various types of fruit in order to build up a strong and effective natural self – defense system. Below are some suggestions that I really want to show you the types of fruit the excel in protecting the health of your children. You should have a list of them so as to use all of them on meals on a daily basis.

Fruit basket

Papaya – The Savior of the Eyes

According to nutrition scientist in Tufts University – America, yellow fruits especially papaya contain very high amount of beta – carotene which is very helpful in converting nutritious inside our body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is the most important one for our eyes to prevent eye syndromes such as improve eye – sight. With children having to study intensively, papaya has always been a perfect choice to protect their eyes as well as avoid other risks that might harm them.

Grapes Enhance the Natural Defense System

A recent research indicates that in grape contains various types of collective nutritious that create favorable conditions for our kid to eat well. Besides, eating grapes regularly is an effective way to enhance the work of the natural defense system. In grapes, there are components that form gamma and delta T cells which are the basic form of our Leucocyte. That’s the reason why in sudden weather change situations or the changing days between seasons, parents should have your parents eat more grapes or drink grape juice so as to avoid diseases such as a sore throat or fevers.

Apart from those benefits, the grape is good at removing phlegm inside the throat, that’s why this is good for kids who are suffering from breathing diseases. In addition, eating grapes can improve the quality of blood pulse.

Delicious GrapesMango Improves Digest System and Enhance Memorizing System

Nutrition specialists indicate that mangoes contain a relatively high amount of enzyme which can help breaking the structure of types of protein so that our body can absorb them as other types of chemical and nutrition easily. Moreover, the high amount of fiber inside mango is the best way to provide favorable conditions in order to enhance the kid’s digest system. Last but not least, mango contains vitamin C which can decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol – a negative type of cholesterol that might cause unstable blood pressure and other related diseases.

Especially, the glutamine acid is very rich in mango skin. This is an important chemical that plays an essential part in enhancing and improving the memorizing system of your children so that they can remember better and recall leaned information faster with both long – term and short – term memories. Eating mango regularly is not only good for the digest system and brain but also prevent blood syndromes since mango contains a high amount of minerals such as iron and magic.

Banana – The Natural Treatment for Hundreds of Diseases

Researchers indicated that banana contains high quality and quantity of vitamin and mineral. Our kids’ body don’t need too much of them but they have to be provided seriously with the proper amount. That’s the reason why a banana is considered one of the best source of vitamin and mineral supplement as well as a natural treatment for many diseases.

Kids, that keen on eating bananas on a daily basis can control their fat amount inside their blood better. Apart from it, banana is called the savior of the digest system because of the ability in preventing constipation. Moreover, components in banana help brain to produce a type of chemical that improves the emotion as well as helps kids to eat well, sleep better and feel at ease.


Cucumber – The One That Gets Rid of Itchy Pimples

Many girls know about cucumber as a type of fruits that can be eaten to reduce the heat inside the body, making masks as well as a good combination with other foods to improve the digest system. However, the main benefits of this fruit to children is treating and preventing diseases of throat and mouth. Cucumber juice can help your kids to a cough less just by soaking their mouth with it on a daily basis. In addition, cucumber juice is very good at getting rid of red pimples. You just need to apply a little amount on the surface of the pimples and they will get away real soon. But be patient because this way might take a certain amount of time.

Watermelon to Prevent Heat Rash in Summer

In hot summer days, a slice of fresh watermelon or a glass of watermelon juice is the best way not only to enjoy yourself under the sunshine but also release the heat inside your body. The inner heat of your body is the main reason for prickly heat to take place on your skin. The white part of the watermelon can be used to apply on the prickly areas. The effectiveness is undeniable.

In fact, each type of fruit has its own strength against some diseases, that’s why you should eat them on a daily basis and change them regularly between meals to accumulate the best experiences as well as achieve the best result. In addition, you should know some places that sell organic fruits and fresh ones so that you can be sure about its quality and don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in comparison with fruits selling at grocery stores or supermarkets. Protecting your kid’s health by fruits is one of the best ways that you should care about every day.