Caring for our kids after they recover from illness is one of the most important things we have to know about. Some of us don’t even know which food is good and which is bad for them. Recovering from the bed is an important stage that we should take care of carefully so that our children can be strong and healthy as soon as possible. That’s the reason why parents should have a proper diet with some cautions to take care of this problem.

Based on researchers from nutrition specialists as well as experiences from parents who are excel in caring for their kids, this article is written in order to help new parents to have the best solution for building a healthy and tasty diet for their kids that recovered from illness recently and get rid of some common mistakes caused by the lack of information and knowledge.

The Sick Kid

  1. Don’t Force the Kids to Eat Too Much

After reviving from the illness, every kid will lose some weights as well as look pale. Many parents would feel very nervous and anxiety about their kids’ physical and mental conditions. That’s the reason why they often buy too many types of food with high amount of nutrients such as pigeons, chickens, shrimps with the hope that these foods would create favorable condition for their children to recover quickly and regain the energetic form as usual. However, according to the researchers as well as practical experiences, the kids won’t get anything good from those foods. On the other hand, they might be at the risk of other symptoms about the digest system because of exceeding food consumption.

Normally, parents think that their children need more food than child’s daily meals so as to make up for the loss of nutrients inside their body when they are sick so that the physical condition can be improved faster. However, since the kid has been suffered from diseases, their ability to absorb foods and drinks as well as their hunger for food is less than normal. Therefore, even if parents force their kid to eat more and more, a number of nutrients absorbed into the body can’t be increased at any cost. If parents don’t know how to build a reviving diet, their children can’t keep up with the loss of nutrients inside the body and can’t recover quickly.

Normally, children at this stage don’t want to eat solid foods since the digest system hasn’t worked properly yet, then absorbing the same amount of food is harder and requires a large amount of energy. In order to help the kid, parents should not cook for them these type of food and encourage them to use liquid types of food regularly. So the question is: “How to give the best care for your children without forcing them eating too much?”

Food for recovering kids

  1. Supply The Foods According to Your Kid’s Demand

According to your children, you should buy the kinds of food that they love, but they have to be healthy. It can be a hot drink, fruit juice, honey tea, porridge with mashed carrots and mashed potatoes. You can use the baked bread with jam and kinds of fruits as long as your kids like those foods and they can provide enough nutrients for them. Doing so can provoke the craving for foods of your kids and make them want to eat meals again. That’s the effectiveness of their favorite foods.

With drinks, parents should often provide a proper amount of water each 30 minutes or 1 hour. You should not force them to drink too much at a time since they can’t absorb the whole amount and will release them real soon. Normally, children love to drink milk after reviving from illness, but some of them don’t. They even throw up what they’ve drink sometimes. Doctors suggest using warm milk in treating with diseases involving coughing or throat swelling. However, parents should put the safety of their children into consideration before letting them drink milk. When your kid is in the critical situation, you shouldn’t use meat, fish or other types of food that contain oil since they are hard to digest and can cause vomit.

  1. Setting Up the Resting Diets

After the illness, mothers often feel worried for their children because they usually lose their weights as well as other symptoms of exhaust such as pale skin or tired eyes… Normally, when this situation ends, the kids will come back to their usual diets and eat habits. However, we have to take care of them carefully at the stage before that. Your kids will feel tired all the time and don’t want to eat and drink as usual. That’s the signals for the fact that they aren’t ready to accept a large amount of food.

Eat more fruits

In this situation, you should take it easy and do one step at a time since the kid’s physical condition will balance itself. That’s why as a mother, you should provide them some kinds of drinks with a high amount of natural antibiotic: herbal tea, fruit juice… the kid will recover soon. Porridge is one of the kid’s favorite dish because it is easy to digest and also an easy way to eat without having to chew or swallow too much.

With kinds of meat, you should mince them carefully or boil them well so that your kid can absorb the protein easier without having to make the digest system work too hard.

The best thing you can do it maintain the minimum amount of energy for your kids. Recovering the daily diets and a normal amount of nutritious can only be discussed after you kid revives from illness. The minimum amount of energy equals to 70% to 80% of daily energy. So you shouldn’t focus on the quantity without knowing about the quality of the foods and how your kids are going to digest them. In fact, you should build a proper diet for your kids based on their favorite foods to help them get their appetites soon.