According to many types of research, the best way to raise a child is that parents should enjoy doing activities with their kids as well as instruct them to develop themselves naturally. That’s the reason why people often cook meals with their kids. This can help kids to know the value of foods and know their responsibility as a family member. Through cooking together, you are also able to learn first lessons in teaching your kids life skills by doing daily activities such as family cooking, selecting types of food, prepare the meals…

In this article, we will help you to prepare some basic steps so that your family cooking times with your kids would be comfortable and happy without putting too much pressure on them. Let’s get started!

Family cooking

When to Start Family Cooking?

You can start with this thing even before your kid can walk or talk by reading books for him. Once he has the basic knowledge about this, we can move on to the next step in the kitchen and make it your kid’s favorite place in the house.

Below are some basic lessons you should get your kid used to before cooking together:

  • Reading books introducing foods
  • Start with vegetables
  • Let your kids involve
  • Don’t forget to clean up
  • Planting beans is the most interesting
  • Accept the mess
  • Create convenience and happiness

It might be quite a task of a challenge for you if your child is not interested in kitchen things, but if you can be patient, the results would be excellent and outstanding. Since the kids can’t concentrate well on what they are doing, you should create a comfortable background for them but not too easy to be distracted by other factors. Be gentle and kind with your child, he will be alright at last and like the kitchen since it is the favorite place with his parents.

Why Should You Let Your Kids Cook?

Obviously, you can cook the whole meal in no time, but what’s the point when you can save a little amount of time without having your kids around? It would be an enjoyment when having a meal with the efforts of every family member. This might take time since your kid can’t cope up with cooking and prepare meals right away, but it would be alright because it is also a teaching method.

Let your kids do the cooking

The meal can be a real family meal, and your kid can be proud of what he has done. There are so many benefits when letting your child help in the kitchen though they are just small works such as cleaning the table, preparing dishes… You can do it yourself but your child won’t understand the value of foods fully if you don’t let them do the cooking. For example:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Encourage choosing healthy and proper types of food
  • Avoid picking foods
  • Create bonding connection between healthy diets and outstanding physical conditions

Therefore, you should prepare for your children to get in the kitchen and help you out. First of all, this activity is considered an effective method to enhance exercising ability without having to go out of the house. In addition, knowing about the kitchen provides favorable conditions for children to discover new things as well as be more confident in their ability. Furthermore, getting used to cooking with other family members can help kids understand about culture through types of food and cuisine and how diverse they could be. Cooking in a clean environment, kids can know more about the importance of food safety. Last but not least, each time cooking with parents is an occasion for children to spend time together and cement the relationship in the family.

Getting Started

  • Reading food – related books in order to get your kid’s attention to the kitchen and the foods.
  • Creating a funny and happy atmosphere in the kitchen when exploring it, but make sure that you still can guarantee safety. Pots and pans are going to be awesome musical instruments for your music – food band.
  • Instruct your kid to clean up the table and arrange dining accessories.
  • Harvest the vegetables together if you have a homegrown garden or go to the supermarket
  • Letting your kid washing the vegetable and sometimes peel the skin.
  • Making cakes could be a good start as well, especially with eggs and flour.

You can instruct them to do even more interesting things in the garden such as planting vegetables such as carrots, potatoes… If you are unable to have a homegrown garden, teaching your child how to grow beans inside an egg shell is a good idea, too.

Cooking with your children

When working, remember to instruct your kids every little thing so that he can control the problems as well as develop his creativity. Sometimes, it would be such a good idea when letting your kid cook their own dish from the beginning. From the first step preparing the ingredients to final step putting the food on the plate, you can let your kid do it alone with just some little instructions. This will give positive impacts on the mental development of your kids as well as make them more independent.

However, there are some rules about safety inside the kitchen that you must make sure your kid will obey to guarantee safety when cooking. Don’t be too hard if your kid does anything wrong. Everything would be alright as long as your child knows his mistakes and willing to fix them. Finally, never forget to compliment your children when they do things right or have good points in creativity.


Eating food is easy, cooking food is not too hard, but knowing how to instruct your kids to cook with you is the hardest work that not many parents can do. If you need any further assistance about this, don’t hesitate to visit our site and see some tips and tricks about this. Good luck with your kids and your kitchen!