Abundant nutrition and the benefits of seafood

Do you like seafood? I guess that most of the people will say “Yes” to this question. This kind of food is not only delicious but also good for your health especially for your children. Seafood contains a high- quality protein, low in calories, and saturated fat. Besides, this food has many necessary vitamins and minerals. Of course, they will support a healthy body. So we should not forget to add seafood to balance our diets. Especially, there is a variety of seafood for your choice. This can help your daily meal become richer and more nutrients. They will contribute to helping the comprehensive development for body. In this writing, I will share the abundant nutrition and the great benefits of this seafood. Seafood is a favorite food of many people including me.

Abundant Nutrients from Seafood

A lot of nutrients from seafood

Some nutrition experts recommended that we should use fresh seafood. Actually, the fresh seafood contains the best nutritional value. Also, we must eat one or more meal of seafood per week to improve our health. The demonstration below will help you understand better about the abundant nutrients from seafood:

1.      Calories And Protein

Generally, seafood has a low source of calories. Some fish has low fat such as cod, flounder, and sole. They only contain less than 100 calories in about 3-ounce cooked food. With salmon, herring, and mackerel, they have about 200 calories for each portion. However, seafood provides a huge amount of protein. It is the protein with the high quality. This can help slow the aging process of the body.  On the other hands, a complete protein source contains some essential amino acids. They can assure the healthy growth of the fetal. Besides, the protein in seafood is easy to eat and easy to digest. This can explain that the connective tissue in seafood is less than meat and poultry.

Easy to eat and easy to digest in all products of seafood

  1. Fat And Cholesterol

Seafood contains low in total fat and the saturated fat. Most of the fat in seafood is the polyunsaturated fat. This brings the benefit for health too much. According to some studies relating to fat in some fish, 15 percent fat is the most. Some fish contains around5 percent total fat. The polyunsaturated fat is often omega 3. This oil helps the blood circulation, prevents the clots of blood effectively. It means you will reduce some risks relating to heart disease and stroke.

  • As you know, omega 3 fatty acid is the important fatty acids. Moreover, they need for the development of a healthy human. Our body can not produce these organic compounds. Thus, we must add these ingredients via the food. Seafood is the best choice in this case.

Besides, cholesterol content is different in all animal foods. Normally, we should limit cholesterol which it is loaded into the body. It is not over 300 mg a day. You should eat a lot of seafood. Do not worry that it is too much cholesterol in this food. All fish and shellfish only contain at least 60 mg. And most is about 100 mg of cholesterol in a cooked portion 3 ounce.

3.      Vitamins And Minerals

– How about Vitamin

Having a high-quality vitamin of fish

All seafood contains little fat. It is less than 5 percent. So, the cholesterol content is also low. But seafood is a source of vitamins which they are good for the body’s needs. The typical vitamins are:

  • Vitamin B is important and necessary for the development of the nervous system;
  • Moreover, vitamin D is the advantage to develop bone. Also, it is a good vitamin to improve the lung function. The fatty fish and oil fish are two sources of this vitamin. You can find out vitamin in salmon, tuna….
  • Especially, seafood contains the abundant vitamin A.  It has a protective effect and strengthens eyesight. Beyond that, vitamin A helps improve the status of macular degeneration in the elderly.

– How about Minerals

Most of the products from seafood are the good source of minerals. They include selenium, zinc, iodine, iron, and calcium. Here are the detailed functions of each mineral in the body.

  • Selenium can help to against all damage to cells in the body.  Selenium also reduces some negative effects of mercury.
  • Zinc is necessary for the cell growth. Besides, it also contributes to building a strong immune system.
  • Iodine helps maintain the thyroid gland function.
  • And iron is important to produce the red blood cell.
  • When we eat the small fish like sardine or anchovies. They will provide the plenty of calcium. Calcium is the basic element for bone development.

To providing these minerals for your health, eating the products of seafood is the best way.

Essential Benefits of Seafood to Human Health

I just introduce the abundant nutrients in seafood. These nutrients bring some benefits for our health with the natural vitamins and minerals. Here a brief summary of the great benefits which we need to know:


Eating seafood regularly to have a good health

  • Firstly, seafood is good for cardiovascular. All nutritional ingredients in this food can reduce the risk of heart disease. They will help the body against stroke. These nutrients can increase the good cholesterol. And they can improve our circulation;
  • Also, seafood is a type of brain foods which many people like to eat. The pregnant woman consumes seafood. The fetus will have the opportunity to develop a higher IQ.
  • Vitamins and minerals from seafood will be good for the growth of never in the retina. It means that your vision will enhance a lot;
  • Finally, eating seafood can help build muscles and tissues.

In conclusion, you can cook many different dishes from seafood. This food is delicious and nutritious. In all types of the seafood, they contain rich of nutrients.  These nutritional contents are good for human health. This article provides to you some knowledge about nutritional ingredients in seafood. Besides, it also mentions some benefits. These are the necessary information which they should know to add more seafood in our daily meal. To bring the high efficiency when eating seafood, you should choose the fresh seafood. Wish you good health when eating seafood in the right way!